Norbert Becker, 2010We currently have two different plays and several activites that we can run for schools, zoos, wildlife parks or youth groups. These pages give more information about the plays and activities and the theatrical side of the charity. Browse through the galleries on each page to get an idea of what kind of shows we do.

One of our plays is on the threat of palm oil on rainforests across the world. Save Your Last Rolo-way highlights the Roloway monkey and the problems of international demand on limited natural resources. It looks at the situation from the point of view of Western consumers, the scientific and conservation community, native people, workers on the palm oil plantation and the boss of the palm oil plantation.

BMCRif, 2010 We also have a new piece that looks at the fate of both primates and reptiles when taken from the wild for the pet trade. The play follows a Barbary macaque and a spur-thighed tortoise caught in Morocco.

We cover various conservation issues and have some pieces in development about lorises over time and bonobos and the biases in research. If you have an issue you think we could tackle just drop us an email and we will be happy to talk to you about it.

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