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Palm-oil is in 1 in 10 products on British shelves. It is concealed in most of them by being called something other than palm oil, this is due to the law allowing the labelling to be vague about palm oil and its sourcing. To thank your MEPs for supporting the change of law about this labeling click here.

To find a spreadsheet of products available in British supermarkets that can be considered to be rainforest-friendly click here. It is not a complete list but it is being expanded all the time so come back to check again soon. A simple first step that should help you along is by picking a supermarket that has made a pledge to use only RSPO certified palm oil like The Co-op Food.

Many things that contain palm oil, like cakes and biscuits are difficult to find alternatives for but you can make them yourself at home completely palm oil free!

Below are some names by which palm oil is referred to in British products:

In foods:

cocoa butter equivalent (CBE)
cocoa butter substitute (CBE)
palm olein
palm stearine
vegetable oil

In other products:

arachamide mea
capric triglyceride
caprylic triglyceride
caprylyl glycol
cetyl alcohol
elaeis guineensis
emulsifier (some)
epoxidized palm oil (uv cured coatings)
ethylene glycol monostearate
ethylhexyl palmitate
fatty alcohol sulphates
glyceryl stearate
isopropyl palmitate
mono-glycerides of fatty acids
octyl palmitate
oleyl betaine
palm kernel oil
palm oil
palm olein
palm stearine
palmitoyl oxostearamide
palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3
peg-100 stearate
peptide complex
saponified elaeis guineensis
sodium laurel
sodium laureth sulfate
sodium laureth sulphate
sodium lauroyl lactylate
sodium lauroyl lactylate
sodium lauryl
sodium lauryl sulfate
sodium lauryl sulfoacetate
sodium lauryl sulphate
sodium palm kernelate
sodium palmate
sodium stearate
stearamidopropyl dimethylamine
stearic acid

Thanks to Free me from palm oil blog for this list


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