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Do you run a conservation charity?

We are always looking for new groups to collaborate with. We have worked with BMCRif, Wild Futures, BCI-UK and The Little Fire Face Project.

What can we offer you?

We do not limit ourselves to primate conservation we are interested primarily in spreading positive conservation messages using theatre and inventive workshops. We can tailor an educational piece of theatre and supporting workshops to any message. If you have a clear idea of what you want then we can help you realise this, giving pratical theatre advice as well as adapting stories to scripts. If you are not sure but would like to expand your outreach program to include educational theatre then we can research the most appropriate way to portray your learning messages and work with you to develop something that can work for your target audience.

We develop pieces for the UK primarily but we are more than happy to develop a version for any in situ primate conservation project that we can come out with and teach to local groups who can promote your messages to local audiences.

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