Joy developed MASC as her Masters project in 2010. Her first degree is in Psychology and she has worked in theatre professionally since 2005. Thus when she came to design a project she combined her two areas of expertise with her passion for conservation in all forms and developed a piece of Theatre in Environmental Education.

Joy is the bridge between the theatre and the conservation sides of MASC. She also comes up with many of the ideas for activities. Along with the support of her production team Ben, Aoife, Alice and Kyle she puts together the shows from writing the script to making the props, costume and set.

She hopes to do a PhD in the next few years on MASC, specifically the effectiveness of theatre to spread conservation messages. This will allow her to establish what can be done to maximise the impact of Theatre in Environmental Education.

Joy is passionate about conservation and living sustainably, she also runs a blog about living in a green way, can it help you stay healthy and be cheaper as well as good for the planet? She tries to answer some big conservation questions that apply to day-to-day life.


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