Charli has been involved in MASC from the beginning, she organised the pilot showing of Save Your Last Rolo-way to a selection of local children. Her sons Dominic and Joshua are often the first to hear about new things we are doing and come to try all our activities. Dominic in particular is our hero. Everyone at MASC is constantly impressed by the dedication Dominic made at 5 years old to living a palm oil-free life. He shows more self-control than most of the adults that we have spoken to. He is an inspiration and could only be so if Charli was the great mum she is and encourages both boys to stand up for what they believe in.

Charli has a theatre background and lends a hand when theatre decisions need to be made and helps out with making set etc. She is also often at She is currently studying to become a nurse and midwife.



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