Aoife met Joy while they both studied for an MSc in Primate Conservation. Aoife chose to study the vervet monkey species group (Chlorocebus). This species in this group are classified as Least Concern by the IUCN. She did a comprehensive literature review of all the publications mentioning any of the currently recognised 6 species analysing them by what species they are likely to be and proved that for a group that has been considered to be well studied and understood there are few studies on 4 out of 6 species. After her Masters she set up her project with a website.

She is currently doing a PhD furthering her Masters research to do a comprehensive analysis of the whole species group by collecting data from museum specimens and study sites to generate a complex map showing occurences of vervets in different areas over time. She is an advocate for proactive conservation not just in Africa but globally. She has written some entries for the upcoming third volume of Mammals of the World as well as a book on primates in mangroves.

For MASC Aoife keeps on top of a lot of the administrative things as well as providing a sounding-board and a calming influence to Joy in the middle of a creative whirlwind! Aoife has a precision that no one else can match so she is the person to go to for measuring and marking for costumes and set. She has come along to most of MASC's events and uses her Irish charms to make sure we get lots of people to get involved!


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