Alice has been involved with MASC since its conception but only became a trustee in early 2013. She is sometimes referred to as a second Joy, as she has a background in technical theatre too and can work a sewing machine, screwdriver and drill. When Joy has bitten off more than she can chew Alice swoops in and picks up the slack. She has helped out at a number of MASC activities and has made more than her fair share of set, props and costume. She is interested in permaculture and living self-sufficiently and has helped with many long nights of planning the Lighthouse. Alice has also been responsible for securing gigs at various country fairs and festivals for the up-coming year, her enthusiasm is contagious.

Alice is an electrician, an archer, a gardener, a cook, a glider pilot (in training) and a musician. She loves to learn and believes that knowledge should be shared, debated and questioned at every turn.



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