MASC is indebted to so many primate and conservation organisations for advice, support, proof-reading, words of support and advice and faith when it was needed. Here is a list of organisations that made everything possible.


Primate and Conservation organisations

Aldenham Country Park

A country park near Elstree, North of London they promote understanding of where your food comes from and an appreciation of domestic animals. We will be performing shows there in the coming year.


This is an amazing service where people upload the photos they have taken of wildlife around the world and they are displayed by species with species information. Well worth having a look at if you have a few free minutes or even hours. Photos from the site can be used for free (as long as properly credited) by educational and charity organisations.


Conservation (including lemurs) in Madagascar. They do a lot of education and hopefully we will be able to work with them in future.

BCI-UK(Bonobo Conservation Initiative)

Promoting the protection of this hippie-ape, we hope to work with them in the future to produce a piece about bonobos for older children.

Beale Park

A wildlife park in Upper Basildon that gave us our first chance. They keep several primate species including ring-tailed lemurs, squirrel monkeys, Goeldi's monkeys, red-handed tamarins and cotton-topped tamarins.

BMCRif (Barbary Macaque Conservation in the Rif)

Working with local people in Morocco to try to save the Barbary macaque through changing attitudes and education. Muna the Monkey is adapted from their educational material and we are taking it to Morocco with them.

BRINCC (Barito River Initiative for Nature Conservation and Communities)

An expedition to Borneo to survey the biodiverse region to hopefully help conserve the area and the many species living there.

CEPA (Conservation des Espeèces et des Populations Animales)

Focusing on species that have been ignored by other conservation initiatives. They have been involved with Roloway conservation. (French site)

Great Primate Handshake

Offering technical and creative support to African primate conservation projects.

Little Fireface Project

Promoting the understanding of slow lorises, the only venomous primate. Educating about them to discourage the pet trade in them. MASC hopes to work with the Little Fireface Project in the future.

Oxford Brookes Nocturnal Primate Research Group

Joy, Aoife and Susan all have connections with Oxford Brookes University. The members of the research group have been helpful and supportive of MASC from the beginning.

PSGB (Primate Society of Great Britain)

One of the largest primate conservation groups in the world. They give grants to support primate conservation which in 2012 they awarded to MASC for Muna the Monkey.

Selamatkan Yaki

A conservation education charity based in North Indonesia working with black crested Sulawesi macaques. We hope to work with them in the future.

Siren Conservation Education

A conservation education charity based in Oxford that works on projects and provides support for conservation education initiatives.

SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society)

Fellow campaigners about palm oil which has decimated the habitat of the Sumatran orangutan. Their founder, Helen Buckland supported MASC from the very beginning.

Promoting this ubiquitous African primate and proactive conservation. Developing new techniques for defining range maps.

VMF (Vervet Monkey Foundation)

A sanctuary in South Africa that looks after orphaned and abandoned vervet monkeys. Some from pet trade others from accidents involving cars, power lines or guns.

WAPCA (West African Primate Conservation Action)

A charity that is dedicated to the conservation of West African primates including the Roloway. Many of the images of Roloways from this site have been generously given to us by them and their support over the Masters section of MASC was invaluable.


An organisation trying to solve the conflict between the growing global population and the need for quality of life with wildlife conservation.

Wild Futures

A charity that raises awareness of the issues of the primate pet trade on both individuals and wild populations. Their sanctuary The Monkey Sanctuary will be hosting a double bill of MASC shows in September 2012.


Many companies and individuals have discounted and donated their products and services to MASC. We are always grateful for their continued support.

Companies and individuals who have supported us

Andrew Walmsley

Andrew is a wildlife photographer who very kindly came a took some of the pictures you see on this site of Save Your Last Rolo-way and activities.

Alto Lounge

They hosted a session of Monkey Biscuits and a fund-raising pub quiz in February/March 2013. In Caversham and do some of the best chips in Reading!

The Bag Shop

These guys have always been really helpful to me. They helped us find a bag big enough to fit the new Ahmed shell in to take it to Morocco.

The Bag Shop

Banana Moon

For printing our uniforms and colouring-in t-shirts with professionalism and a green touch.

Blinding Light Ltd

Loaning us kit for free, sponsoring shows and being very flexible to allow Joy to do what was necessary.

Creative Crafts

Made some special sock monkeys for MASC to use as prizes and to sell at events.

Dinrino Theatre Services

Have hired at discount and leant us things for free. Always full of ideas of how we can make things come together.

Fabric Land

For always providing advice whenever it is needed, for keeping an eye out for scraps of different materials and being calm when we can't find the things we need

Friends Meeting House

When I was not sure about palm oil and how to track it down this site was a life-line. Just an ordinary consumer, trying to cut out palm oil from her day-to-day life. An inspiration.

Free me from palm oil

When I was not sure about palm oil and how to track it down this site was a life-line. Just an ordinary consumer, trying to cut out palm oil from her day-to-day life. An inspiration.


Immense fun and they have generously donated a family pass for our fundraising events this year.

Hellen Bersacola

Primate conservationist and talented artist, she kindly came and painted our set for Teshta

Jeremy King Engineering in Schools

Not just for showing us and donating us some STIXX for our set but for the financial support early on when we really needed it.


For giving us discount on printed materials for the MSc and doing such a brilliant job on printing our bags!

Lee Filters

For donating some gel to MASC for making a rainforest in Beale Park's Beale Centre.

Louis Barnett - Chokolit

For giving us a discount on the scrummy palm oil-free chocolate bars for our goody bags. Shame we could only order them in 100s, so many needed to be eaten up! It's a hard job but someone has to.

Oxford Wood Recycling

For giving us a great rate on recycled wood for making set and cutting it to length to boot!

Reading Arts and Venues

For support, ideas, understanding and expertise from everyone. For offering to donate prizes to help MASC raise money and for giving Joy the skills to start it all in the first place!

Rep College

For teaching Kingsley and Ben the craft, for lending us props and costume at a discount and always being prepared to listen to our ideas.

Shirley Leaf and Petal Company

Amazing shop and museum that handmake beautiful leaves and petals which we are using in Muna the Monkey.

Simon Dale

Inspiring as to what the right person can do with £3000! We hope to one day build our own hobbit holes.

Steve Foster Images

Steve generously agreed to do some publicity photos for us before we go out to Morocco. He is hugely talented, I'd recommend his site.

Stripey Basket

Made us the British version of Ahmed for free! Made us the Moroccan version from wicker. A real artist

Talespinner Ltd

For the website, hours of technical advice and a keen eye on graphic design things whenever needed, especially at 3 in the morning.




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